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-- Constantly introduce advanced technology, rapid and healthy development --

Sea county, zhejiang province, merlin general plastics factory is located in pengjie - sea county, zhejiang province, merlin streets, just a few kilometers away from tongsan expressway, west lishe airport, hangzhou bay bridge in the north and China's natural harbor - beilun port, ningbo to sanya coastal railway will run, the transportation is convenient, unique geographical location, beautiful environment, close to the famous daming mountain spring.

Our factory was founded in 1990, is the production of various specifications of square telescopic box: all kinds of milling cutter, drill, lathe tools, tool holder, wrench, special plastic expansion boxes, gift boxes, twill PP packing box, hardware box, packing box, packing box, bit cutters auto air conditioning connecting pipe, plastic jugs, plastic bottles, bottle blow molding, blister, blister packaging, hollow blow molding, plastic packaging container cylinder, mold and other products of enterprises, has a large number of small and medium blow molding equipment, the products sell well throughout the country.

In line with "quality first, reputation first" principle, to quality for the development of the market concept, through continuous introduction of advanced technology, rapid and healthy development, the factory director Lin with all the staff to the development of "high-grade, high standards", won the trust of our customers, hope with the consummate craft, sincere attitude to cooperate with you.

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Located in Meilin Street, Ninghai County, Zhejiang Province, on the coast of the East China Sea...

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Production of various specifications of the square telescopic box: all kinds of milling cutter...

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We in line with superb technology, integrity of the attitude, has a number of small and ...

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Adhering to the principle of "quality first, reputation first", we have perfect pre-sale...